Wine List

White Wines

Late Harvest White

This richly sweet wine is harvested very late in the season to capture all the natural sugars and flavors of the season.  Petite Monsing, one of the two grapes that can be harvested so late, delights the taste buds with stonefruit characteristics such as peach and apricot, citrus and Sweet spice.
Bottle: $23.95          Glass: $10.00

Sweet Smoky Mt White

Made from the classic southern white muscadine grape, the delicious sweet wine speaks of large plump white berries just waiting to be enjoyed on a warm summer afternoon
 Bottle: $19.95          Glass: $8.00

Classic Chardonnay

An American favorite, this white wine has the distinctive clean crisp taste of green apples, lemon, and pineapple. Good for all occasions.
Bottle: $21.95          Glass: $8.00

Classic Seyval

Our Sevyal is medium bodied wine with delightful aromas of apricots, nectarines and citrus. It goes well with tangy cheese, salads, and fish.
Bottle: $19.95          Glass: $8.00


The delicious dry white wine is very similar in taste to Pinot Grigio. Perfect with seafood, Seyval speaks of fresh ripe citrus and pineapple.
Bottle: $19.95          Glass: $8.00 

Blush Wines

Classic Catawba

A semi sweet summer wine that speaks of grapefruit, peaches, tangerines, and pineapple.
Bottle: $19.95          Glass: $8.00

Red Wines

Sweet Smoky Mt Red

Before tasting this wine, breath deeply into the delicate fruity aroma that delights both the nose and the palate at the same time. Made from the American Concord grape, its sweet flavor will make a believer out of even the most discriminating wine drinker.
Bottle: $19.95          Glass: $8.00


Rich in Pinot Noir flavor with aromas of strawberry, mocha, and vanilla including hints of oak that provide structure and depth.
Bottle: $22.95          Glass: $8.00

Rhapsody in Red

Matured in American oak barrels to highlight the cherry and tart red fruit, this ready to drink red wine is an easy pairing for most any meal. Medium body and spiciness make it food friendly for fish, chicken, or even lamb. Offers intense color and light tannis.
Bottle: $23.95          Glass: $8.00

Classic Chambourcin

This premium wine has been aged for over two years in oak. Medium bodied, light tannin wine, rich with the taste of cherries, blackberries, caramel and chocolate. A hit with red meats.
Bottle: $22.95          Glass: $8.00

Bourbon Barrel Aged Wine

The delightful taste of our fine Chambourcin wine aged in a bourbon soaked barrel. Taste the dark cherry and vanilla flavors highlighted by caramel overtones of the bourbon. 
Bottle: $23.95          Glass: $9.00

Cabernet Franc 

This premium difficult to grow wine has been aged over two years in oak with aromas of black cherry, cedar, and a touch of spice.
Bottle: $23.95          Glass: $9.00

Fruit Wines

Froggy Bottom Peach

Experience the delight of the wonderful fresh aroma and delicious taste of Georgia grown peaches in this new addition to our wine selections.
Bottle: $19.95          Glass: $7.00  

Possum Hollow Blackberry Wine

Tasting this wine will bring back the memory of picking sweet plump blackberries on warm summer days. Savor its fragrant aroma, delight in its delicate sweet taste.
Bottle: $19.95          Glass: $7.00

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